How to deploy Tryton with domain name on Ubuntu 18.04 server

How to install Tryton on Ubuntu 18.04 server with domain name

how to Link Tryton with domain name on ubuntu 18.04 server.
deploy domain with tryton on ubuntu 18.04

tryton:- is an open source software for companies of any size, easy to use.

To deploy and configure tryton with domain name system on Ubutnu server :-

follow these steps :

  1. Get a domain name system (DNS), you can buy domain names from different websites like : godaddy or hostinger ….

after you buy domain name configure nameservers inside domain as you see in the image if you want to host it on digitalocean.

configure nameservers on domain name system

  1. Buy hosting server to install tryton software, you can get hosting throw digitalocean.

Create a droplet (How to Make a droplet) on digitalocean and link it with your added domain in digitalocean as you see in the image

created domain name system DNS record on server

  1. you can Install tryton software on your server using this How to install tryton on ubuntu .

after you had installed and run tryton server, we need to install nginx web server to link domain name with your tryton : -

  1. To install nginx follow these steps :-
  • sudo apt-get install nginx

Now to create and edit nginx file : I had named it tryton

  • sudo nano /etc/nginx/sites-available/tryton

add this information inside it put change server name to your specified domain name and server ip.

server { 
 listen 80;
 server_name itjordon.com www.itjordon.com;
 location / {
 include proxy_params;

server { 
 listen 80;
 return 301 $scheme://itjordon.com$request_uri;

  • sudo ln -s /etc/nginx/site-available/tryton /etc/nginx/sites-enabled
    sudo systemctl restart nginx 

All done the domain name is linked right now, you can use lets encrypte SSL for your website, you can follow website instruction its pretty easy for ubuntu 18.04 throw this link Certbot.

  • In this image for nginx file after have been edited by Certbot for adding certificate.

configure domain with Lets encrypt securityfor tryton

domain with lets encrypt SSL for tryton software


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