how to install kali on virtualbox


how to Install Kali on virtualbox

how to install kali linux on vmware virtual machine
Kali Linux Distribution on Vmware virtual machine

How to install Kali linux on virtualbox : -

Kali :- is a Debian-based Linux distribution, its free, open source developed for advanced Penetration Testing ,Security Auditing and Ethical hacking assessment.

Virtualbox is a free, open source hosted hypervisor that allows users to run multiple guest operating systems on a single host. developed by Oracle.

and there is virtual machine which is another virtualization tools developed by Vmware.

To Install Kali Linux Distribution On Vmware Virtual Machine follow these steps :

First Install virtual machine Vmware:

Second Install Kali-Linux Distribution:

Third Before connecting VMware virtualbox with kali, install PowerIso tool :

PowerIso :- is a powerful disc image file processing tool, which allows you to open, extract, burn, create, edit, compress, encrypt, split and convert ISO files.

  • Go to poweriso website https://www.poweriso.com
  • Click on the download button from the menu and download poweriso that matching your windows

Finally Now Connect the VMware with the Kali .iso

  • Open the VMware player application, then click (create a new virtual machine)
  • Then pick the option installer disc image file (.iso) and browse (where did you install Kali) and select it
  • Select Debian 9.x 64-bit, Name your virtual machine, Select store virtual disk as single file (Finish)
  • Play virtual machine; choose Graphical Install, select language, country and time zone and key language.
  • Enter username and password for Kali
  • Configure your disk make it as default
  • Enter http proxy
  • Install the grub boot
  • Complete installation

How to install kali-linux on vmware virtual machine with windows host

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