How to install kivy on windows 10


How to install kivy On Windows 10 with pycharm

installing kivy python framework on Windows 10
How to install kivy on Windows 10

How to install kivy on windows 10 with pycharm configured :-

Kivy is a free , open source python framework for developing mobile apps
Kivy run on Linux, Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, and Raspberry Pi. You can run the same code on all supported platforms.

Kivy project developed by python language.
The KV language, sometimes called kvlang or the kivy language, allows you to create your widget tree in a declarative way and to bind widget properties to each other or to callbacks in a natural manner.

Kivy 2.0.0 officially supports Python versions 3.6 - 3.9.

Follow these steps to install kivy on windows 10 with pycharm :-

  1. Install Python 3.8.5 from Python website.

  • Python 3.8.5 - July 20, 2020, Windows x86-64 executable installer.
  • Select add python 3.8 to Path (check box).
  • select install now.

2. Open CMD (Command Propmet) : to install kivy.

  • pip3 install kivy[base] #(note that pip installed by default with python 3.8.5)
  • install kivy on cmd

3. Install pycharm IDE throw Pycharm Website :-

  • Run pycharm
  • Start
  • New Project
  • Select open file or project
  • Location: (create new folder on desktop for project)
  • Base interpreter: create virtual environment based on your installed Python 3.8 to work with scientific libraries
  • configure new project for kivy in pycharm

base interpreter : add your python installed path till python.exe

  • Now right click on your project folder -> new -> python file -> main.py
  • create python file main.py on kivy project

  • Now click add configuration -> from Templates click + button -> python -> (name your configuration)
  • run kivy configuration on pycharm
  • add script path which is -> main.py # python file that you had created
  • Apply -> OK
  • run kivy app on pycharm
  • Now at your created python file main.py, add this code to test it -hello world-
  • RUN !

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