How to install odoo 11 on windows 7 with pycharm


How to install Odoo 11 On Windows 7 with pycharm

how to install odoo 11 on Windows 7 with pycharm ide
Download Odoo 11 on Windows 7 with pycharm ide

How To install odoo 11 on windows 7 with Pycharm IDE :-

To start coding on Odoo open source software version 11 and Create new modules

Follow these steps to install odoo11source code on windows 7 with pycharm :-

  1. Install Python 3.5 from Python Releases for Windows.

install python on windows 7

  • Python 3.5 - Download Windows x86-64 executable installer.
  • Add python path (check box).
  • select install now.

2. install update for universal C runtime in windows from Microsoft support :

Throw Microsoft support link.

update for universal c runtime in windows

3.Install postgresql database throw Download PostgreSQL Database for Windows download version 10.14.

  • please remember postgres passwotd when you enter it.
  • I will put the password odoo.
  • Let the port number as default, select your locale.

When you download postgreSQL it comes with pgadmin 4 by default, which is Open Source graphical management tool for PostgreSQL, so let the check box to install pgadmin with postgresql.

4. install psycopg using this installer Psycopg-win :

Psycopg :- is a PostgreSQL database adapter for the Python programming language.

5. Launch pgadmin 4, make search on it in your windows

  • Launch pgadmin
  • Select your postgresql from servers
  • It will ask you for your postgres password, its odoo.

Create a new role in pgadmin for odoo parameters configurations

Now create a role to use it in your odoo configuration file :-

  • From Login/Groups Role
  • Create Login/Groups Role
  • Name :- odoo.
  • Password :- odoo.
  • Can login :- yes.
  • Super user :- yes. and save.

6. Install odoo 11 from github (Odoo Github Source Code)

select branches/tag for odoo version you want which is odoo 11 in this case.Install Odoo 13 on windows 10 with pycharm

  • Check that branch is 11.0
  • Click on Code button
  • Select Download ZIP and download
  • Unzip the folder on desktop.

7. Now open your command prompt (CMD), and enter your odoo path folder, In my case the path is in :-

  • cd C:\Users\Hamza\Desktop\odoo-11.0

8. Install the requirements.txt (python packages) to run odoo

Inside command prompt (CMD) put this command :-

  • pip install -r requirements.txt

9. Install wkhtmltopdf :- which is open source command line tools to render HTML into PDF and various image formats. used it Qweb reports in odoo

10. Install nodejs from Nodejs website.

  • Select : windows installer (.msi) 64-bit

11. Open command prompt (CMD) and install :

  • npm install -g less

12. Install pycharm IDE throw Pycharm Website Community Version:-

  • Run pycharm
  • Select Don not import settings
  • Select Don't send
  • Start
  • Select open
  • Select open file or project
  • browse for your odoo folder path

13. Now inside your project folder create a file with name openerp-server.conf and put these parameters information inside it :-

     ;this is the password that allows database operations:
     ;admin_passwd = admin
     db_host = False
     db_port = False
     db_user = odoo
     db_password = odoo
    xml_rpc_port = 8069
    addons_path = C:\Users\Hamza\Desktop\odoo-11.0\addons  ;add this as your path to addons not mine!

odoo 14 configuration file for window 10

14. Now inside pycharm :-

  • Click on add configuration
  • Click the + button (add new configuration)
  • Name the configuration odoo (or what ever you want)

pycharm configurations for odoo 14 development

  • Enter :-

  • Script path : C:\Users\Hamza\Desktop\odoo-11.0\odoo-bin

(add this as your path to odoo-bin file not mine !!!)

  • Parameters : -c C:\Users\Hamza\Desktop\odoo-11.0\openerp-server.conf

(add this as your path to openerp-server.conf file not mine !!!)

  • Then click Apply, OK.

  • Run

Open your browser and put :- localhost:8069


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