How to install odoo 14 on windows 10 with pycharm


how to install Odoo 14 On Windows 10 with pycharm for developers

how to install odoo 14 on Windows 10 with pycharm ide
Download Odoo 14 on Windows 10 with pycharm ide

How To install odoo 14 on windows 10 with pycharm :-

To start coding on Odoo open source software version 14 and Create new modules

Follow these steps to install odoo14 source code on windows 10 with pycharm :-

  1. Install Python 3.6.5 from Python Releases for Windows.
  • Python 3.6.5 - March 28, 2018, Windows x86-64 executable installer.
  • Add python path (check box).
  • select install now.

2. Install postgresql database throw Download PostgreSQL Database for Windows download version 10.14.

  • please remember postgres passwotd when you enter it.
  • I will put the password odoo.
  • Let the port number as default, select your locale.

When you download postgreSQL it comes with pgadmin 4 by default, which is Open Source graphical management tool for PostgreSQL, so let the check box to install pgadmin with postgresql.

3. Launch pgadmin 4, make search on it in your windows

  • Launch pgadmin
  • Select your postgresql from servers
  • It will ask you for your postgres password, its odoo.

Create a new role in pgadmin for odoo parameters configurations

Now create a role to use it in your odoo configuration file :-

  • From Login/Groups Role
  • Create Login/Groups Role
  • Name :- odoo.
  • Password :- odoo.
  • Can login :- yes.
  • Super user :- yes. and save.

4. Install c++ build tools, Build Tools for visual studio from Microsoft visual studio.

Build Tools for Visual Studio 2019 : it will allow you to build Visual Studio projects from a command-line interface supported for python.

Install C++ build tools for odoo 13 on windows envirnment

5. Install odoo 14 from github (Odoo Github Source Code)

select branches/tag for odoo version you want which is by default odoo 14 in this case.Install Odoo 13 on windows 10 with pycharm

  • Check that branch is 14.0
  • Click on Code button
  • Select Download ZIP and download
  • Unzip the folder on desktop.

6. Now open your command prompt (cmd), and enter your odoo path folder, In my case the path is in :-

  • cd C:\Users\Hamza\Desktop\odoo-14.0

7. Install the requirements.txt (python packages) to run odoo

Inside command prompt put this command :-

  • pip install -r requirements.txt

Hint :- in my case to install requirements.txt it has gave me two errors so to avoid them follow these two steps: -

  • First: Open your requirements.txt file and remove or # gevent 1.4. ; sys_platform=='win32'

as the below image and save.

odoo 14 requirements.txt file python packages

  • Second : I had an error when installing requirements.txt as below image :

odoo 14 requirements.txt unicodedecodeerror charmap

so i had gone to the file that had error from the shown path and remove the file that cause the error which is cp1252.py, then install

  • pip install -r requirements.txt

Then let the file back in his place again.

8. Install wkhtmltopdf :- which is open source command line tools to render HTML into PDF and various image formats. used it Qweb reports in odoo

9. Install nodejs from Nodejs website.

  • select : windows installer (.msi) 64-bit

10. Install pycharm IDE throw Pycharm Website Community Version:-

  • Run pycharm
  • Select Don not import settings
  • Select Don't send
  • Start
  • Select open
  • Select open file or project
  • browse for your odoo folder path

11. Now inside your project folder create a file with name openerp-server.conf and put these parameters information inside it :-

     ;this is the password that allows database operations:
     ;admin_passwd = admin
     db_host = False
     db_port = False
     db_user = odoo
     db_password = odoo
    xml_rpc_port = 8069
    addons_path = C:\Users\Hamza\Desktop\odoo-14.0\addons

odoo 14 configuration file for window 10

12. Now inside pycharm :-

  • Click on add configuration
  • Click the + button (add new configuration)
  • Name the configuration odoo (or what ever you want)

pycharm configurations for odoo 14 development

  • Enter :-

  • Script path : C:\Users\Hamza\Desktop\odoo-14.0\odoo-bin (odoo-bin file path needed)

  • Parameters : -c C:\Users\Hamza\Desktop\odoo-14.0\openerp-server.conf (configuration file needed)

  • Then click Apply, OK.

  • Run

Open your browser and put :- localhost:8069


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