How to install odoo 3rd party application on your server


Install Odoo 3rd party application

How to install odoo 3rd party app
Install Odoo 3rd party application.

To install odoo third party application on your odoo server :

First go to Odoo Apps website Odoo application

select Odoo version that you need, select free application Enter the application that you want to install ,you will find Download for 13.0 series button

As you see in below image :

How to install odoo 3rd party application

right click on the button and select copy link address,

take the address and modify it till the final address be .zip

now enter your odoo ubuntu server files

enter to your odoo addons directory path Example :

  • cd /home/ubuntu/odoo/addons
  • sudo apt-get install unzip → to install unzipe ubuntu package

Type wget (put here link address)

  • wget https://apps.odoo.com/loempia/download/aos_whatsapp_sale/ #Example of file

unzipe the file

  • unzip 5B4YPBkj0gy8yuPSKYcN17.zip
  • How to install odoo 3rd party application on your server

Now delete 5B4YPBkj0gy8yuPSKYcN17 file from your addons path

  • rm 5B4YPBkj0gy8yuPSKYcN17

Using administrator user on odoo go to APPs menu then search on your new module and install it.

This example for newer Odoo version like odoo13 in some other older version like odoo8 you will need to update apps on your odoo from administrator user then you will find your 3rd party application to install.

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