How to install ubuntu on virtualbox


how to Install ubuntu linux on virtualbox

How to install ubuntu linux on windows using vmware virtual box.
how to Install ubuntu on virtualbox (Image Done By Worditout )

How to install ubuntu on virtualbox, Virtual machine : -

virtualbox is a free, opensource hosted hypervisor that allows users to run multiple guest operating systems on a single host. developed by Oracle.

and there is virtual machine which is another virtualization tools developed by Vmware.

In this article we will use vmware virtual machine to install ubuntu.

First Install Vmware Virtual machine :

  • Go to Vmware website Vmware to download virtual box.
  • Choose downloads button, then Free Product Downloads then Workstation Player for windows, select the download workstation for Windows version (Vmware-Downloads).

Second install Ubuntu Linux-distribution :

  • Go to ubuntu website (Ubuntu).
  • Click Download button, choose Ubuntu Desktop.
  • Download LTS Ubuntu version for support (Ubuntu-Downloads).

Third before connecting Vmware virtual box with ubuntu, install PowerIso program

PowerIso :- is a powerful disc image file processing tool, which allows you to open, extract, burn, create, edit, compress, encrypt, split and convert ISO files.

  • Go to PowerIso website (PowerIso)
  • Click on the download button from the menu and download PowerIso that matching your windows.

Finally now Connect the vmware with the installed Ubuntu .iso File :

  • Open the Vmware player application, then click (create a new virtual machine)
  • Then pick the option installer disc image file (.iso) and browse (where did you installed ubuntu) and select it.
  • Enter username and password for Ubuntu.
  • Enter how much disk size you want for ubuntu Operating system and pick store virtual disk as a single file.
  • Change the ram as you want, then Finish, then click play virtual machine.
  • It will toke some time to configure and install your new Operating System.
  • Enter your Ubuntu OS.

how to install ubuntu on windows using vmware virtual box

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