SEO Tutorial Lesson-2

SEO Turtorial : Contents, URLs structure and navigation, Anchor text Links

Contents, URLs structure and navigation, Anchor text Links

SEO Tutorial: Contents, URLs structure and navigation, Anchor text Links
SEO Tutorial :- Contents, URLs structure and navigation, Anchor text Links

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):-

After talking about <title> tag, Meta description tag, Heading tags and alt attribute for images in the previous article, we will continue here with other SEO topics like contents, URLs structure and navigation, Anchor text Links.

  1. Content and keywords :-

Offer quality unique content and services in your website.

  • Consider differences between users in understanding your topics.

  • Take in mind that user who knows a lot about the topic might use different keywords in their search quires than someone who is new to the topic.
  • Content length must be in one page, don’t divide into another page.
  • A good idea is to try using auto-complete of search engine; it will appear for you most common searched by users.
  • Try use Google keyword Planner for keywords, to help you choose the right keywords.
  • Try Google trends to check popularity between two keywords by how static how many people searched for.

  1. Try to buy a domain name that is related to your content.

  1. URLs structure and navigation: - it’s all about ease of use and navigate your website.

  • Use words in creating urls relevant to your sites content.
  • Create simple directory structure , home directory is the most important page in your website
  • The urls are displayed in search result try to make them recognizable words.
  • Make your website easier to navigate to help user in finding the contents they want and make sure everything is connected via links.
  • Try to make navigation between pages throw text links to make it easier for search engine to understand your website.

  1. Anchor text Links: - it’s the clickable text to redirect user to another page/website or service.

You can use anchor text links for pointing internal and external (another websites) links.anchor links, how to do seo for your website

  • The anchor text should brief and understandable for the user who applying to it.
  • Try to Link only for trusted website and popular.
  • It’s good to build links for sites relevant to your work.

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